The UK’s oldest specialist manufacturer of Traditional Amber Colloidal Silver.

Traditional Amber Colloidal Silver

UK Colloidal Silver has a worldwide reputation for providing the best solutions available. We produce high quality stable traditional amber colloidal silver solutions and use a choice of medical grade amber glass as well as pharmaceutical grade amber plastic bottles.

Based in the South West, we have access to naturally soft water that is so pure that only a single pass distillation is needed to make it suitable for production. This means all our solutions have a low carbon footprint when purchased by our UK based customers, we are however, rapidly turning into an international supplier as news of the quality of our colloidal silver spreads, with USA being one of our growing markets.

The great debate – Ionic or Particulate Silver? Our product has both!

Some manufacturers say Ionic is the best, some say Particulate is the best. We believe both – combine the two to produce the best!

The technical name for the product we manufacture is a full strength solution of Highly Bioavailable, Oligodynamic, Electrically Isolated Colloidal Silver containing (80/20) Ionic AND Particulate silver in the range of 0.001 – 0.040 um at a concentration of 14,000 ug/l. We don’t issue parts per million as it is misleading. See FAQs.

We believe both types of silver are very important and the combination solution we produce is the logical approach.