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The only Colloidal Nano Silver solution quality tested by an ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory, Plymouth University and compliant with EU Directive (EC)1223/2009 More

"There appears to be very good reproducibility of the colloidal silver particle (Nano Particle) size and number concentrations between the bottles of the materials tested by Plymouth University."

WADA Certified - Our Traditional Amber Solutions have been certified free of prohibited substances as specified by the World Anti-Doping Agency More

We're the UK's oldest specialist manufacturer of "Traditional Amber Colloidal Silver". We have a worldwide reputation as providing the best solutions available due to continual quality testing and are proud to be the only company in Europe that is compliant with EU directive 76/768/EEC. Because of this, we supply to industry as well as medical professionals.

We produce high stability amber colloidal silver solutions & use a choice of medical grade amber glass as well as pharmaceutical grade amber plastic bottles. More

Based in the South West, we have access to the best water in the UK. This naturally soft water is so pure, only a single pass distillation is needed to make it suitable for production. This means all our solutions have a low carbon footprint.

Having been in business since the turn of the century, we have collected a wealth of testimonial information which is shipped free with each starter kit. More

Although we wish to be helpful, if you have a medical condition, you should first seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.


The power of silver as an antimicrobial substance has been known for thousands of years. Recent results from research teams and Universities have shown outstanding properties (in vitro) against varieties of bacterial & viral pathogens.

EU legislation has determined that Colloidal Silver is not a medicine nor is it a food supplement. It is an antimicrobial mineral solution that kills biological, viral & fungal pathogens. Silver is used extensively in industry because of these natural properties.

Strangely, the regulations do state that Colloidal Silver can be added to water to sanitise it & therefore be ingested. We have therefore had our product tested at the correct concentration to ensure that it complies with current EU & UK regulations. The results can be view on our Testing & Certification page.

BBC Report April 2011 - "Europe 'losing' superbugs battle" The World Health Organization says the situation has reached a critical point. It is exactly these properties that may help prevent this serious problem.

This site is dedicated to revealing the truth & mysteries behind the many uses of Colloidal Silver and making this information freely available.

The Best Colloidal Silver Products at the Best Price.

We are a totally independent UK business, specialising in the manufacture & research of Colloidal Silver products. We have no commercial ties to any other UK or foreign company. Our aim is to increase awareness of Colloidal Silver and its benefits, by providing informational & educational resources through our continual research, funded by the sale of our products.

We deliberately keep the design of this site as simple & functional as possible because we wish to be judged on the quality of our products, not how impressed you are with our marketing skills ! Our investment is in research and production which makes sense to us and hopefully to you too.

"Knowledge is power but only if it's applied !"

We recommend you read this page first to get an overview of several important points. You may wish to look further using the extensive Research & FAQ pages. The USES section is an invaluable guide, built from customer feedback, which we are continually expanding. All information is provided freely as a useful educational resource and hopefully, if you do make a purchase, will help to fund our continuing research and development.

We now seem to be a global resource as we get orders from all over the world, especially the USA. We welcome everyone and hope you find the information useful. We are more than happy for you to use us as an information resource and perhaps purchase from a local company, as global postage is quite expensive and we are keen to keep the carbon cost to a minimum. Do be careful who you buy from. Many sites are not whom they seem to be and I suspect their products are probably not of the same quality. (Applies to protein based solutions).

To "Woman & Home" magazine for their article about us. Click here to read. We have also been featured in Nexus Magazine, LBC Radio and more recently Scotland on Sunday in November 08. Free publicity of this kind cannot be underestimated for its value in creating awareness of Colloidal Silver and giving credibility to the quality of our products. We often receive referrals from various "Interest" groups, especially the "University of the Third Age" (U3A) which is welcomed.

As a result of this media coverage, we have noticed other sites using our name "UK Colloidal Silver", especially on search engines, in an attempt to capitalise on our publicity. Although this is rather underhand, there is not much we can do about it apart from warn you that this is happening and these sites definitely do not supply our product but want you to think they do.

The great debate - Ionic or Particulate Silver? Our product has both !
Some manufacturers say Ionic is the best, some say Particulate is the best. We believe both is best !


The technical name for the product we manufacture is a full strength solution of Highly Bioavailable, Oligodynamic, Electrically Isolated Colloidal Silver containing (80/20) Ionic AND Particulate silver in the range of 0.001 - 0.040 um at a concentration of 14,000 ug/l. We don't issue parts per million as it is misleading. See FAQ's for the reason why.

We believe both types of silver are very important & the combination solution we produce is the logical approach. We won't be drawn into the ongoing debate between the two, which are just marketing ploys used by others to differentiate their products from the competition. We do not recommend or manufacture Mild Silver Proteins (MSP) as the high silver content can lead to undesirable side effects. (More information in the FAQ section.)

- Or is it ?

You may be new to Colloidal Silver, as I once was. Until June 2000, I'd never even heard of Colloidal Silver, yet alone knew anything about it, even though I come from a medical family.

So, why hadn't I heard about it before? The simple answer is that Colloidal Silver is a mineral solution and as nobody can claim exclusive rights to it, its not profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. They are driven by shareholders & a profitable product will always be preferred over a non-profitable one. This is a fact of modern business not an attack on the pharmaceutical industry.

I was fortunate to see Colloidal Silver work first hand. I became fascinated and I decided to find out as much as I could. I soon discovered that the power of silver as an antimicrobial substance has been known for thousands of years and was used in many medical preparations until the advent of antibiotics.

Many turn to "Alternative" Natural Medicine because they are exasperated at the lack of results with conventional allopathic medicine. The irony is that Natural Medicine is not the alternative, its been with us for millennia. It's conventional medicine that's the newcomer, although in a lot of cases, it serves a very good purpose. The problem occurs because conventional medicine often focuses on curing the symptoms not the cause, with a limited range of Pharmaceutically driven antibiotic medications. Natural Medicine will often find a simple cure for a simple problem, getting to the root cause not just treating the symptom. Always get your advice from an accredited practitioner of whom a few are listed on our Links page.


"The power of silver as an effective antimicrobial substance cannot be denied. The fact that silver is an infection fighting agent that, in various forms, is highly compatible for use with the human body has been established for centuries. This fact has been scientifically proven time and time again over the last eighty years."

Silver products has been used naturally for a very long time & its not a secret. It's because society has turned a blind eye to these types of products that is at fault but fortunately, times are changing and the population are generally not as trusting or reliant on conventional methods as they used to be.

As you will see in various articles, Colloidal Silver has been shown to be extremely effective "In Vitro" at killing bacteria and viruses.

- Viral pandemics & Global Disease Swine flu, SARS and H7N9 - H5N1 (Bird Flu)

We live in interesting times & we seem to be faced with more viral threats each year. Swine flu is the latest addition & the media is constantly warning us of new viruses and diseases all the time. Even now the BBC is reporting new outbreaks

Cheap global travel has helped the world become a smaller place & diseases, which took years to spread, now travel the world in hours. Our medical research always seems on the back foot, trying to find cures for these modern day illnesses, whist the main weapon - antibiotics, are becoming more & more resistant. Silver has been used in the treatment on Influenza (Quoting J. MacMunn in the British Medical Journal, 1917, I, 685) p. 86) so we may have a simple solution to an increasingly complex problem.

The recent swine flu, SARS & Bird Flu outbreaks have shown how a potentially lethal virus can spread quickly to all corners of the globe.

Recent media reports & Articles:-

Miracle water.

Bird flu pandemic'could kill 150 million people'
SARS - Global Alert "Most experts agree that SARS is here to stay"

MRSA - "Lethal hospital bug cases rocket "

M&S to sell Silver Pyjamas to help prevent MRSA Infections

Samsung Nano Silver Wash
Colloidal silver antibacterial liquid sprayed on Hong Kong subways as public health measure
Silver-Coated Tubes Protect Patients from Infection

We cannot state whether Colloidal Silver is effective against these particular viruses or not but you may wish to look at this article regarding antiviral outbreaks including Swine Flu, SARS, Bird Flu etc. Click Here

"I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in six minutes." Dr. Henry Crooks

We very much hope that you will feed back any results you experience using Colloidal Silver whether good, bad or indifferent. Many clients have and we are able to pass this information on to you. We collate the information and make it available as a guide in the "Uses" section of our site. So, please, let us know how effective you find the Colloidal Silver, what ailment you are trying to treat and how effective you find it. Most importantly, what dosage did you use, how often and whether used externally or internally.

If you require any help don't hesitate to send an email as we like to hear from people. You may not get a reply straight away but you will get a reply. I am not medically trained, so I cannot give medical advice but I can help to research information on your behalf that may be useful to you.

I have found there are many conflicting opinions about Colloidal Silver and I hope you take the time to check our Research pages and FAQs before placing an order. We run this site in an open and fair minded way and we always welcome comments. We are private researchers drawing knowledge from a variety of backgrounds but we are not practitioners or medically trained.

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