Important Note:

The CSQA website has temporarily closed and the organisation is currently dormant.

The purpose of the CSQA is to provide Quality Benchmarks in the Colloidal Silver industry, primarily in the EU but applicable globally. Compliance to these standards results in the awarding of compliance certificates and acceptance of codes of practice designed to identify those companies that satisfy these necessary criteria, thereby ensuring quality in this particular industry.

Several initiatives were implemented, mainly to help the smaller businesses comply and compete in the industry. Our aim was through self-regulation, we would avoid mandatory regulation.

Early last year, eBay made the selling of Colloidal Silver a forbidden substance and as such, many of the small manufacturers no longer exist. Also, the introduction of the EU Directive on Vitamins and Mineral supplement is due to be implemented towards the end of 2009, which could close the entire industry.


As a small organisation comprised of manufacturers and suppliers, the CSQA does not have the political leverage to make the required difference in challenging this legislation and for the foreseeable future, these funds and resources are much better utilised in the support of established organisations who can.

  We have therefore decided to close the website and all resources will be donated to the Alliance for Natural Health whom are a particularly effective organisation and have the support of the entire Natural Health community.  

For more information, please click their logo.

  Note:- This page is being hosted voluntarily by all Founder Members and we are grateful to them for their help, support & contributions. It is envisaged that the Founder Members will reconvene in the future to determine if the CSQA is required and the role it has to play in ensuring quality.