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True Amber Colloidal Silver – Pure & Natural

UK Colloidal Laboratories have a worldwide reputation for providing the best quality true Amber Colloidal Silver. The secret is to ONLY only use steam distilled water & fine silver, we have been producing this pure and natural product for 20 years.

Based in South West England, we have access to naturally soft water that is so pure, only a single distillation is needed to make it perfect for production, which means our solutions naturally have a lower carbon footprint. 

We use pharmaceutical grade light proof glass bottles & because of this attention to quality, the reputation of our True Amber Colloidal Silver has spread across Europe, with USA & Australia being one of our growing markets.

Plastic Free Packaging

Most of our packaging is free from single use plastic. We no longer use bubble wrap, bubble bags or plastic tape. Instead we use fluted card and good old paper tape! We have installed a paper “Crumpler” for filling void spaces so your order may look “Rustic”, but I think you’ll agree it’s better than waste plastic. However, our suppliers do still use plastic packing so we may recycle it in you order. We ask you to do the same and reuse it where possible.

The great debate – Ionic or Particulate Silver? Our product has both!

Colloidal silver MUST contain silver particles but unfortunately, most colloidal silver solutions found on the market are predominantly ionic silver water, with little or no actual silver particles.  However, our Colloidal Silver has a wide range of silver particle sizes which can occasionally give a distinctive amber colour. See our Testing & Analysis & FAQ pages for technical details and deeper explanations. 

As these particles are so important, our Amber Colloidal Silver solution has been tested by Plymouth University to ensure that they are in the correct size range and that our manufacturing is consistent. See our Testing & Analysis page for details.

Exactly why we can proudly state we produce the best True Amber Colloidal Silver anywhere!


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