We supply commercially to many areas of business: Small one person startups, retail stores, practitioners, pharmacies, farms & many websites. We’ve developed an excellent reputation for quality as we’re the only certified supplier of Colloidal Silver tested to EC1223/2009. The two account types we offer are:-

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1. Commercial/Trade Account

Best account for retail outlets, bulk buying resellers.

This is the more traditional approach where we supply in bulk at a discounted rate. You will then keep stock and make the final sale to the customer. We can supply you and your business in quantities as small as 6 bottles, so if you wish to enquire about being a commercial reseller, please click here and fill out the form.


  • 30 day account for payment. We will invoice you from our Xero accounting system and expect payment when due.
  • You have immediate access to stock.
  • You can charge a higher RRP as the product is immediately available to the client and no post & packing to pay! Labels can be adapted to your specification & include your telephone number for reordering.
  • We can offer a bespoke labelling service so that clients will return to your business and not to us.


  • Stock has to be held (6 bottles minimum), monetary investment in stock.
  • Larger orders can take up to 7 days to be delivered in busy periods but usually sent the next day.

2. Small Businesses & Practitioners Account

Best account for charities, animal welfare groups, small single person businesses and qualified medical professionals.


  • No stock required.
  • No financial investment in stock
  • No messy packing or queuing at the Post Office
  • “Drop shipment” service direct to your client.


  • Payment required at the point of ordering. No account is offered.

Affiliate Scheme

Refer clients  & make a commission for your business or organisation.

(VERY popular with charities & animal welfare groups as you’ll generate money for your cause.)

Available for both account types, an affiliate scheme is where you refer your customers to our website, which automatically generates commissions for you. Referrals can either be a web link from your website or as a coupon code. Using your User Account, you can easily monitor all your sales & commissions. This option is available as part of the simple application process and we create all the weblinks for you. They are available in your affiliate area with full instructions. We can guide you through the process too but its simply just adding a link to your website! That’s all.

  • Returning clients will always generate a commission.
  • Automated monthly payments directly to your PayPal account.
  • Coupon code commissions will be lower than a web link, as discounts usually have to be given to entice customers to use the coupon code.
  • Totally automated and you don’t have to do anything except promote us on your website, newsletter or Facebook group.

If you have any further queries, contact us!

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