4 x 500ml Glass Amber Colloidal Silver – 4 Pack Special

4 x 500ml Glass Amber Colloidal Silver – 4 Pack Special

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4 Pack Special Offer – Amber Glass 500ml 14000 ug/l  solution.

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Four x 500ml bottles in Amber Glass 14,000 ug/l – True Amber Colloidal Silver.

  • One free bottle – You only pay for three!
  • Includes free Free UK Delivery by DPD Local or Royal Mail 1st Class.
  • Although we are generally free from single-use plastic packaging, glass bottles may be encapsulated in polythene to prevent leakage, unfortunately.

Glass is the perfect vessel for long term storage of colloidal silver because the walls of the bottle are thicker than plastic which creates a higher resistive pathway, helping to prevent the electrostatic charges on the particles dissipating. The amber colour makes it light safe.

  • 1 x measure cup supplied.
  • Supplied as four bottles in a multipack box.
  • Environmental packaging using Fluted card and paper tape. All recyclable with NO PLASTIC!

Safety Advice – This product contains our 14,000 ug/l True Amber Colloidal Silver that has been tested by Eurofin Laboratories & assessed by Plymouth University for nanomaterial characterisation & batch consistency, as required by EC1223/2009. We are the ONLY company in Europe that has carried out this level of testing.

For further details see out Testing & Analysis section for details of our certifications.

*This refers to the packing and not the product whose bottles have to have plastic caps & a measuring cup.

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