5L HDPE Multi-purpose Amber Colloidal Silver 14,000ug/l


5L HDPE – Multi-purpose True Amber Colloidal Silver Solution 14,000ug/l

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5 litres of 14,000 ug/l Multi-purpose Amber Colloidal Silver supplied in HDPE jerrycan.

Ideal for use around Kennels, Catteries, Stables etc.

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Large Animals – Over 20Kg – Yes

Medium Animals,  2 Р20Kg РNo

Small Animals, under 2Kg – No

Product Information

This product contains our 14,000 ug/l Colloidal Silver that has been tested by Eurofin Laboratories & assessed by Plymouth University for nanomaterial characterisation & batch consistency, as required by EC1223/2009. We are the ONLY company in Europe that has carried out this level of testing.

For further details see out Testing & Analysis section for details of our certifications.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 43 cm

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